Today is Christmas Eve. It is the day before the birth of Jesus and traditionally, it should be spent worshiping all day – with a final service conducted at Midnight to celebrate the birth.

In our church, like many other modern protestant churches, we will not have a Christmas Eve service, but instead we will worship on Sunday as we usually do. Our church will light the Christ candle for Sunday’s service instead of lighting it on Saturday as is traditionally done.

On this blog, however, we will have 3 traditional Christmas Eve posts this year. They are called the “Nativity Proper I, II, and III and they will be available first thing on Christmas Eve morning, midday Christmas Eve, and at midnight on Christmas Day. It is our hope that by connecting our modern celebration of Christmas with the past history of all of Christendom that you will feel the full import and weight of the love of a God who was wrapped in flesh, born of a daughter of Eve, delivered into a straw mattress on a bed of manger wood. Jesus shed his glory to be born in a barn. That is how big his birth is, how magnificent his love for you. I pray that this Christmas Eve and Christmas as you read these Scriptures you will sense the magnitude of that moment all over again.


The first reading: