It is now Christmas morning. All around the world today people will be celebrating in some way the birth of Jesus. They will go to church and exchange gifts and gather family and eat dinners and play with new toys and games and for some it will be wonderful and for others it will be sad and painful.

Today as you read these scriptures and pray in praise for the King who came to us as a baby or step out to your congregational worship, remember that today’s celebration is about the baby and the humility and love that sent him from heaven to earth. Enjoy, if you can, the things we’ve added it to it as markers, but also reflect on the wonder of God who stepped off his throne into a manger and lived and loved and preached and journeyed among us for a time. The incarnation of Christ is a moment unparalleled in the history of the world – it is momentous and beautiful and a gift. It is a gift for you and it can make your whole life different and full of purpose when you embrace and receive this gift.

Today is born the Savior of the world, but also the Savior of you and of me, personally and collectively we can know him.

Third Reading: