We are privileged to live on the Resurrected side of Easter – we know that despite the desperate grief and despair of Good Friday’s crucifixion and burial, Sunday brings the joy and hope of a Resurrected Christ.

As I write today, it is Holy Saturday, the day all those years ago in Jerusalem, when Jesus was dead. The day when the disciples were hiding. The day when all hope seemed gone and the future too dark to even contemplate.

Tomorrow, at sunrise, their Hope (and ours!) is renewed in the reality of an empty tomb.

As a believer, my whole identity is wrapped in Sunday colors – pastels and light, airy, hopeful colors that celebrate and delight. I live and move and have my very being centered on the solid knowledge of my risen Lord. He is my hope of a future, but also my joy in the here and now. He is the Truth and Grace embodied that allows me to both live an abundant life now and expect an eternal one with my Redeemer.

If you are not a believer, you may be living your life wrapped in Saturday colors – dark and gloomy, desperate and unsure. If you are, I want to assure you that your hope can be the same as mine. Maybe you are a believer whose Sunday colors are muted because of a recent loss or circumstances that are crushing – lean in, my friend, Jesus sees and knows and loves.

No matter what if you are living in the despair and doubt and weight of a Saturday that seems endless, I would give you these words of hope – Sunday is coming and Jesus is alive.

Jesus is in the resurrection business – he brings life where before there was only death. His word creates. His life heals. He is alive – so while Christians today remember the misery and despair of a day without Jesus, we know what the disciples discovered after actually living in that space – Jesus lives, and because he lives, we, too, can live.